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New Advance Turbo Flasher ATF Nitro With Network Activation With Sl3 Network Activation Is Pre-Activated free a-b cable

Availability: In Stock

2016new original miracle box with key for china mobile phone unlock repairing box contain 41 jigs 2 cables software miracle teamUSD 151.20/pieceOriginal Falcon Box Falconbox for HTC / Black,Berry / Huawei / Samsung / ZTE / LG and othe...


Tags: ATF Nitro


Advance Turbo Flasher (ATF) Nitro is the latest addition to the ATF Team's Extremely Fast F-Bus Flasher Family. The box is pre-activated and ready to work with ATF Network. Just connect it to the USB port and start flashing NK cell phones.
Advance Turbo Flasher (ATF) Nitro Outstanding Features
Fast F-Bus/USB Flashing for ALL BB5 Phones
Support of Full Writing for Original NK RPL (PA_SIMLOC30 included)
Safe Flashing for Infineon F-Bus/USB Phones (XG101, XG110)
Fast Flashing for DCT4 Phones
Standalone SL1/SL2 Simlock Repair
Standalone SL3 to SL2 Downgrade for Rapido Phones with OLD ROOTHASH CAEEBB65D3C48E6DC73B49DC5063A2EE
Standalone SL1/SL2 Super Dongle Repair
Standalone SL1/SL2 SX-4 authorization
Standalone DCT4 ASIC 11 RSA Unlock
Standalone DCT4 IMEI Repair for ALL ASIC
Standalone DCT4 Generate RPL for ALL ASIC
Full MAEMO and MEEGO Flashing Support (N900, N950 and N9-00)
Read Full Flash (NOR and NAND) from any BB5 Phone
Extract Videos, Pictures and other Files from Flash Dumps
Extract Full Contact List from Symbian ^3, Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle Phones
Advance Turbo Flasher (ATF) Nitro Credits Consumption
Authorize RAP3Gv3 Phone (0 Credits)
Authorize RAP3Gv4 Phone (0 Credits)
Authorize Rapido Phone (0 Credits)
Authorize RapuYama v1 Phone (0 Credits)
Authorize RapuYama v2 Phone (0 Credits)
Authorize Broadcom 21351 Phone (5 ATF Network Credits)
Upload SL3 BruteForce Unlock Job via server (25 SL3 BF Credits)
Advance Turbo Flasher (ATF) Nitro Standalone Functions
Available only after phone authorization:
Repair Super Dongle Keys
Standalone SX-4 Authorization for PM 1 and 309
Decrypt PM 120 Hashes for BruteForce Unlock
1X ATF Nitro BOX
1XUSB cable

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